About US

Iron Bored is a Falkirk based business set up in 2011 to provide excellent Ironing Services. We are very passionate about ironing and we strive to provide an excellent customer service.
Iron Bored fundamentals are to save you time and money! We provide a free Pick up and Delivery Service to your door within a 20 mile radius of Falkirk and a FAST 48hr turn around. This is excellent if you are in need of Ironing Fast for example if you are going to a Wedding and need your suit or dress ironed before we can pick it up, iron it and deliver it back to you in the space of 48hrs.
Our Ironing standards are set to the highest to satisfy the most demanding professionals.We give 110% customer satisfaction and work hard to provide the best Ironing Services.

You may have high demands such as work, social or educational priorities and to have your ironing picked up, ironed and delivered right to your door eases the pressure of home chores.

– We provide excellent customer service
– We Work round the clock to get your ironing finished and delivered as soon as possible.
– We have a 48hr turnaround but we try and aim under this at all times.
– Our facilites are smoke free
– Our ironers are pasionate and professional